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Forming the Idea

When you commission me to make a piece, it’s not a one-way transaction. I’ll work with you to create something that bears both of our fingerprints. I see us more as equal partners than a typical customer-retailer relationship. In some cases, a commissioning client might be the one to provide me with old clothes to use in the piece. I see this as a way of preserving memory, as well as being a gentle reminder that things can change and grow.

The process

I have a unique way of producing my pieces: I upcycle fabric samples that would have otherwise ended up on landfill and arrange them into detailed portraits, before sealing them behind glass. I suppose you could say I’m something of a magpie in the way I’m always on the hunt for exciting colours and textures – I’ll use whatever I can get my hands on: dresses, sarees, shirts, curtains, anything! Those words ‘colour’ and ‘texture’ are the two most important criteria when selecting fabrics for my bird art. I want the richest reds, the deepest greens, the softest silks, the most spellbinding finishes. The main priority, however, is working with you to create something that complements the space. 

The Subject

I take the pieces of fabric and arrange them into portraits of my most beloved creature: birds. Our winged friends embody the freedom and beauty that I like to see in life. Every creature is so perfectly formed and exquisitely made, and I hope my bird art pieces can capture just a fraction of what they’re like in real life. I aim to encapsulate their energy and fragility as a reminder of why we need to protect and preserve their beauty for generations to come.

The Sentiment

Environmentalism is at the core of what I do – I use recycled fabric, employ carbon neutral shipping, and try to retain memories of the natural world in every piece I make. This is also part of the reason I chose to work in the medium I’m in. By placing replicas of these precious and often endangered creatures within a glass case, not only do I hope this reminds people of the beauty of the millenia held within, but also the fragility of our ecosystems and how real change is needed to preserve the land on which we walk. 

The Frame

I ensure that I use the best quality materials. Each bird is sealed behind museum-grade glass that offers 99% UV protection. This means my pieces will not degrade and can be enjoyed for generations to come. The artwork is completed by a contemporary frame of your choice, ready for installation anywhere you see fit. 

The vision

Although my method is self taught, and a way of making art that has never been seen before, I hope the pieces I create have a timeless feel, able to be used in a variety of spaces with a variety of styles. After all, the MO of Lily Adele is to inspire, uplift and fill your walls with the beauty of nature.

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